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Game servers that are fine like Wine.

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A Pinots.Games server comes with amazing features.

Since the dawn of renting $5 minecraft servers to play with friends, we've found ourselves looking for some of the same key features over and over again between servers. So we picked some of the things that kept popping up, implemented our own opinionated solutions for them, and then included it all in every one of our server implementations!

Always Online

We do all the detailed server management and maintenance and upgrades to keep your server up so you can play with your friends 24/7, 365 days if the year.

Instant Setup

Let us know specifically what you need and we'll get your server up and running to your spec ASAP*

Automatic Billing

Pay your server costs as an ongoing subscription to ensure you never miss a moment to game.

Regular Backups

We'd hate to lose our 100x100x100 castle build on Minecraft so we know you'd hate to also. So we regularly backup your server so you can always pickup where you left off in case of any server related issues.

24/7 Support

We're available 24/7 to make sure you get everything you need to game with your friends around the world.

Discord Bot Integrations

Hook our bot up to your Discord server for your server related announcements

Server Control Panel

An easy to use server control panel to handle the specifics of your server and restart it at your will!

Custom Domain Names

We offer custom domain names so you can give your server a unique or funny identifier for you and your friends.

Discord Support

Come chat with us on our Official Discord for community level help and support

Tons of Supported Games

No matter what the game is, if there's an official private server for it, we can get it set up for you*

Server Migrations

If you currently run a server on your own PC or want to move from a different server hosting provider, our team will easily help you make the switch!

Bundled Savings

We know you play tons of different games so we offer bundles to help ease the strain on your wallet so you can focus more on playing with your friends.

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It's Game Time

We think this is a pretty convenient starting point, but of course there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The good news is, we have highly trained staff, so you can jump into the server and adapt it to your needs. Change some settings around. Break stuff. Have us fix it. We work to give you the best deal for the best features - bar none. And above all: make something fun.

The Pinots.Games Team