What is this page for?

To give more info about the starred items on the Get a Server! page

Please read all fine print closely because something you're looking for MAY not be available and as much as we'd like to do everything under the sun, we just realistically can't. We have limits, we aren't superheroes

So what were those asterisks for?

Like I said, we aren't super heroes so we do have some limitations.

  • We can run any server - While it is true that if there is a server out there we can most likely run it, we want to place a caveat to say that some servers might be out of date or their files might be lacking. Because of that we cant guarantee every server is viable in this day and age. We'll try to set up your request but if it's not something readily supported, it might take some time before your server is online. We'll keep you posted along the way
  • We'll try to set up your server within 30 minutes We don't currently have an automated server set up process so a technician will have to be the one to log in and set up your server which can take 30 minutes to an hour. We'll always keep you posted and if its urgent, just let us know and we'll get someone on it right away.
  • Server features You can pick and choose features you want and some do cost extra, like custom domains. But fear not, you can always revoke these extra features at any time and we'll adjust your billing to reflect it the changes.
  • Server updates You can keep your server on a certain version if you don't want to upgrade server versions (as long as the server devs, i.e., steam, allow you to be on a version separate from the most recent) and choose when you want to upgrade
  • My game isn't on the list If your game isn't on the list, just send us a message and we'll try to set it up for you anyway

Where can I go for more help?

If you run into trouble, you can often find the answer in the Official Discord community. If you can't find it there, please be sure to reach out to our support and let us know exactly what you need.